Northants Media was formed by Alastair Leith who is himself a qualified Instructor having delivered accredited courses in a number of areas, including First Aid. As the approval of accredited courses, like First Aid, began to allow for methods of delivery via distance learning, so it become apparent that the skills developed in this and other projects could be distilled into providing an industrial solution to other clients wishing to offer distance learning alternatives to their clients

Northants-Media was born.

So, what is the deal?

As an e-learning company, we fully appreciate the complexity that running an Virtual Learning Environment can bring. Not something an establish, face to face training consultancy will necessarily have the skills to create and deliver. After all its not just a question of creating the material in an interactive format, its also a case of developing a productive but fun learning environment for our clients to learn and achieve the objectives they have paid to receive.

Not to mention the issues of managing the VLE, adding clients, and keeping it secure and updated. We’ve been doing this for years of course, its not something you can easily learn from online tutorials. In line with this we offer

An already established, brand neutral VLE where your customers can be directed to. In this you can be assured your customers are receiving the latest approved training where you as the client can remain in control following the progress of your delegates as they go.

We charge a monthly subscription for this service and can setup a dedicated classroom for your use where you can be sure there is no danger of conflict of interest.

Want to do it yourself?

No problem, we can help adapt existing material for you, or create new. We can assist with the installation of your very own VLE and either agree a monthly subscription for ongoing maintenance or of course simply hand it over to you for one lump sum.

Eitherway, whatever you’re requirements maybe, its not easy to list packages, so why not get in touch with us about your requirements.