E-learning Courses

We as a development company understand the importance of staying ahead. We a training company ourselves we see the trend is veering more and more towards e-learning with more commerce adopting this.

Problem is, designing and developing the material as well as managing a virtual learning environment (VLE) is not only a time consuming business but has some learning curve! Northants-Media have been doing this for years successfully specialising in e-learning development and managing VLE.

In recent years we’ve realised there is a need for companies without the time or expertise to be able to still offer the service to their customers but under their own brand or even using our brand. In line with this, we’ve developed the packages below.

A bonus is that some of our courses (and the portfolio grows all the time) are CPD accredited!

Current courses include, First Aid Awareness and L2 Food Hygiene (both worth 8 CPD credits. L2 Child Safeguarding on its way!


Package One – Northants Media branded material

We host Northants Media Branding
Number of users Monthly Cost per
Basic 10 £12.50 1.25
intermediate 25 £20 1.25
Advanced 40 £35 0.87
Call us 41+
Cancel anytime

Please contact us if interested

Package Two – Hosted by Northants Media but clients own branding

Customer individual, hosted by us but your own branded classroom
On off costs
website/ VLE setup 150
Rebranding £150 per course*
Basic 10 12.5 1.25
intermediate 25 20 1.25
Advanced 40 35 0.87
Call us 41+

*cost is based on simple logo replacement, more involved branding will need to be costed separately

Customer hosts
One off cost
VLE setup* 150
rebranding £150 per course
Basic 10 12.5 1.25
intermediate 25 20 1.25
Advanced 40 35 0.87
Call us 41+

By customer hosting we mean VLE and website on their space not ours. In which case if the customer installs the VLE then we charge £50 for setup of the classroom and uploading of material and certificates


Costs include

Adding of learners to the VLE (We will include one corporate login which will not be taken off the allowance)

Updates as required

Email support

Downloadable and printable certificates


Bespoke Course development

If you have a requirement for a course which isn’t listed but have the material we could develop the e-learning material for you. Depending on the work involved it can vary from £300 upwards. We can also look to get the material CPD accredited however this could lead to an additional monthly cost. Please feel free to PM us.

We can also develop material for your own use and would include the source files or even install at additional

If interested in ANY of our services please contact us