GCSE Astronomy – new format

Overview of the material

The Online Astronomy Society Academy has been working hard with its team to produce a variety of material, we have showcased some samples here. Go ahead please have a go!


To compliment the book, we have added some of the contents to interactives to try to increase interactivity within the course.

Quiz – The Night Sky



As well as the new interactives and quizzes, we also still have the classical worksheets students can download and view. They have answers at the end so can be self marked. Results fed back   to the tutor and feedback given where appropriate. Please feel free to download a sample here 1.1 The Earth’s Structure.

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Credit: I would like to give thanks to our American Interns who have given assistance in building this material

Lynee Beck (Instructional Designer and Project Manager)

Cindy Germaine
Domenic James

More names to follow.